Laser Marking Machines

Easy-to-use industrial laser markers to apply clean, crisp codes on products

Laser marking is a non-contact printing method that marks or engraves high-quality 1D and 2D bar barcodes, multiple lines of text, batch numbers, lot codes, logos, and more on products to provide product information, identification, and traceability data.

Laser marking machines offer advantages such as, excellent mark quality, permanence, and fewer consumables, over other coding technologies. The Videojet line of laser marking machines includes CO2 laser markersfiber laser markers and UV laser markers in different power outputs to address a range of substrates and applications. In addition, Videojet offers a complete portfolio of laser accessories including lenses and beam turning units to simplify integration into production lines and maximize the laser’s performance.

High-performance CO2 Laser
Marking Systems
Videojet CO2 Laser - CO2  Laser Marking Machine -  CO2  Laser Marker

High-performance CO2 Laser Marking Systems

With print speeds of up to 2,100 characters/second,Videojet High Performance CO2 laser marker is an ideal solution to help address high-speed and high-volume applications in the pharmaceutical, tobacco and beverage industries

Light Duty CO2 Laser
Marking Systems
10W CO2 Laser Marking Machine - Laser Markers - Industrial Lasers

Light Duty CO2 Laser Marking Systems

With scribing laser technology and large marking fields, Light Duty CO2 laser marking machines provide excellent mark quality on paper, cardboard, plastics and other materials with top speeds up to 500 characters/second

Fiber Laser Marking Machines
Videojet Fiber Laser - Fiber Laser Markers - Laser Part Marking Lasers

Fiber Laser Marking Machines

With marking speeds up to 2,000 characters per second (with 6mm laser head) Videojet fiber lasers are an ideal solution for demanding production schedules in the part-marking, food, beverage, consumer packaged goods (CPG) and pharmaceutical industries that need a laser marking system to keep pace and provide a high-level of code contrast.

UV Laser Marking Machines
Videojet UV Laser - UV Laser Markers - UV Laser Marking

UV Laser Marking Machines  

Specifically engineered for high-density-(HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and synthetic fiber materials such as Tyvek, UV laser marker is ideal for pharmaceutical, medical and cosmetic manufacturers as the surface of the product remains undamaged and the code is resistant to abrasives, chemicals and sterilization processes

Videojet laser markers can be used to mark, engrave and etch on bottles, hard plastics & metals, confectionery items, egg cartons, cases and other industrial products to produce highly visible codes at ultra-fast speeds, without compromising line speeds and print quality.

Let Videojet help you select the right laser marker to meet your production objectives and performance needs.

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CO2 lasers: 10W, 30W, 60W; speeds up to 900 m/min and 2100 char/secFiber lasers: 10W, 20W, 30W, 50W, 100W; speeds up to 600-900 m/min and 2000 char/sec
UV laser: 2W; speeds up to 300 m/min and 500 char/secSolutions for engraving, etching, ablation, and color change

Largest laser marking system portfolio in the industry

  • 12 different CO2 laser models to choose from
  • 7 different Solid State models to choose from
  • 19 different laser marker models to choose from ranging from UV, Fiber and CO2 laser options
  • Industry leading 25 different mark windows for CO2 (40 series) marking
  • Industry leading 15 different lenses available for CO2 (40 series) laser marking systems
  • Industry leading service footprint with 250+ Field Service Engineers


  • Consumer packaged goods: beverages, food, cosmetics, etc.
  • Automotive: sensors, plastic components, covers, fittings, closures, labels hoses, tubes, etc.
  • Electronics : semiconductors, sensors, controllers, power supplies, components, etc.
  • Pharma: blisters, glass vials, surgical gloves, metal caps on vial, mono-cartons, etc.
  • Plastic extrusion: door & window sealings, insulations, products hoses, tubes, pipes, profiles, etc.
  • Other: glass and ceramic products, wood, filters, promotional items, etc.

Linx 7900 Series

Specialist industrial CIJ printers

Key benefits

  • Built in automatic code setup features for quicker, error-free coding
  • Service intervals of up to 18 months or 9000 hours
  • Prints up to 5 lines of text, graphics, logos and Data Matrix 2D codes
  • Remote printer monitor and control with Linx Insight
  • Fast mistake-proof refills with the SureFill® system
  • Automatic printhead cleaning system ensures trouble-free start
  • Accurate record of line output – no more manual logging
  • Automatically selects the best message type according to the line speed


Linx 7900

Prints up to 5 lines of code on line speeds up to 8.41m/s (for single line of code)

Linx 7900BC

Purpose designed for reliable ink jet coding onto bottles. Unique air knife and printhead system ensures the bottle is dried prior to printing, for good ink adhesion.  Prints up to 5 lines of code.

Linx 7900E

Electronic marking solution prints micro characters from 1.1mm high, plus ‘tower’ printing, with a specialist ink free from chromium and halogens. Prints up to 4 lines of code.

Linx 7900FG

Purpose-designed for reliable printing with dedicated specialist food grade inks to meet FDA and EU regulations. Prints up to 5 lines of code.

Linx 7900 Solver

Reduced solvent consumption of up to 40%, whilst still delivering maximum reliability. Prints up to 5 lines of code.

Linx 7900 Swift

Narrow font for printing into small areas such as bottle tops, and on line speeds up to 6.83m/s (for single line of code). Prints up 2 lines of code.