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Ticket & Kiosk Printer 票據及Kiosk打印機

Linx Asia Limited is the sole agent of Practical Automation Inc (PAI) of United States in Asia. PAI printers are being used in the banking such as ATM/CD, retailing kiosks, gaming, event and cinema ticketing, parking and public transportation.

 ITX Series
  Incorporating a 32 bit controller platform, a choice of print heads (resolutions and widths), heavy-duty stepper driven ticket stock cutter, and remote monitoring, these new printers are designed for use where high quality, fast printing, long life and the utmost in reliability are required.

 ITK 23i/24i Series
  The ITK Series printers are designed to satisfy heavy duty printing applications. These may include the generation of coupons, maps, lists, graphics, etc. The printers operate under the Windows™ operating system utilizing a WYSIWYG driver supplied by Practical Automation.

  The ITK 38 is the state-of-the-art in thermal, wide format (6.5" to 8.5" - A4 Format) printing in unattended kiosk systems. Applications include airline boarding passes, unattended hotel registration, information dispensing, financial statements, government forms, educational registration, car rental forms, etc.

  The kITX Series is Practical Automation flagship direct thermal kiosk ticket printers. The kITX kiosk ticket printers are the leader in providing solutions for kiosk applications such as Cinemas, Sporting Events, Theaters, Special Events, Vouchers, and transportation.

  The kITL Series is an innovative line of direct thermal kiosk ticket printers. Features include a compact design that is ideal for limited kiosk space. The rugged construction and quality engineering increases the kiosk reliability and up time. The kITL, ideal for moderate volume ticketing applications, uses the same advanced IT technology as Practical Automation's high performance kITX Series printers.

 ITL Series
  The ITL Series is an innovative line of direct thermal ticket printers. Features include a compact design and a rugged construction that is affordably priced. ITL models include: counter top (μITL), in-counter mounted (pITL) and kiosk with automatic cutter (kITL). The ITL comes in various widths and interfaces including USB and Ethernet.