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 Tag Stringer - Tagtach TT6-H
  Towa's TT6-H is a manual tag stringer to tag with a double-loop thread by 2 actions and it is called just "Tagtach" in the industry. The thread tagging shows the articles off to advantage and it meets the requirements of tagging for high quality articles such as clothes, bags, ties, belts, jewelry, rings and so on. Six colors of thread in White, Black, Brown, Green, Gray and Red are available.

 Manual Label Applicator - AP Series
  Towa's APN series meet the requirements of labeling works easily and rapidly to apply various kinds of die-cut labels in roll. Set in a label roll on the hub and then pull Lever once! You can get the perfect labeling solutions for 18-60mm height labels without any adjustment. No feeding slit, slot, hole on backing paper is needed to apply the die-cut label in roll.

Diagraph MSP
 Manual Stencil Machine
  Diagraph manual stencil machines have been the industry standard since we invented the manual stencil cutter in 1893. Today we manufacture stencil cutters using leading-edge manufacturing systems and techniques.

  • Choices of Stencil Inks and Stencil Oilboards

 Stencil Applicator - Oneshot
  Our patented Diagraph Oneshot stencil applicator system offers you a flexible, portable and convenient means of stenciling on both porous and nonporous surfaces.

  • Easy stenciling for rough and smooth surfaces.
  • No-mess, durable ink cartridge is fully disposable.

 Hand Coder - Handi-Mark
  Hand coders are the perfect solution for applying date codes, lot numbers and other product information in the warehouse where automatic coding is not possible. Available in both indexing and non-indexing (continuous print) models. All printers use Dilok Type.

 Roll Coder - SL/C
  Economical friction-driven roll coders print product information, expiration dates and date/batch codes on your carton. Each model mounts vertically or horizontally on your production line to mark the side, top or bottom of a carton.

 Label Gluing Machine - Label Pro 5.5
  Diagraph offers several label gluing machines designed to make the application of your plain paper or dry-gummed labels easy and efficient. Applies a corduroy pattern of adhesive to any plain paper label. Label insertion activates gluer. For labels up to 5-1/2" (139.7 mm) wideVany length or shape. Manual and electric models available.

 Label Rewinder - MC-10 & MC-11
  The MINI-CAT (MC) Label Rewinders are the world's most popular low-price Label Rewinders. They are capable of rewinding label rolls up to 125mm (5") wide (115 mm or 4.5 -inches for MC-11), up to 220 mm (8.6") in diameter at speeds up to 500 mm/sec (20-ips). The MINI-CATs can also be used as Label Unwinders.

 Label Dispenser - LD Series
  The LD RS-Type Automatic Label Dispensers with enhanced label sensing and easy set-up. The LD-100 and LD-200 for transparent labels! The LD-100S for very small, long or unusual shape labels.

  Printing content can be changed easily by rotating the rubber band. With integrated ink pad, separate stamp pad is not necessary. Reduces fatigue with hand labeling action, increases efficiency.

 Aero Ink
  We provide different ink type and color to match your application.

  • Dye Inks for non-porous surfaces
  • Pigment Inks for non-porous
  • Water based stamp pad inks
  • Inks for food and food packaging
  • Solvent resistant inks
  • Thinners, cleaners and retarders
  • Fabric inks (washable and indelible)
  • Invisible inks
  • Water removable inks

 Mark II Reversible Stamp Pad
  Until now there was no stamp pad that would remain moist and usable for long periods when inked with the fast drying inks employed in the imprinting of non-absorbent materials like metal, Mylar, cellophane, polyethylene, etc. Now there is MARK II. This is the first stamp pad that can be pre-inked with fast-drying ink and stay moist for months - in the package and in use.