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Custom Engineering ¤uľ{¨t˛Î
 Conveyor - VC160/49F
  • Can be used with Continuous Inkjet Printer for products width from 80mm to 150mm
  • SpeedĄG3~20m/min
  • LoadingĄG10kg
  • Belt Width / LengthĄG150mm / 1.5m
  • PowerĄGAC220VĄA50/ 60HZ

 Feeder - DP-510TOF Wide Type
  • The speed of transportationĄGthe maximum speed is 85m/min, changed in three segment
  • The length of separated materialĄG70~320mm
  • The width of separated materialĄG60~300mm
  • The depth separated materialsĄG0.08~2mm
  • MeasurementĄG477mm ĄŃ 358mm ĄŃ 287mm
  • PowerĄG70W
  • WeightĄG35KG

 Feeder - DP-510TOG
  • The speed of separateĄG20 m/min
  • The speed of transportationĄGAbout 29 m/min
  • The length of separated materialĄG70~150mm
  • The width of separated materialĄG60~100mm
  • The depth of separated materialĄG0.08~2mm
  • Measurement: 520mm ĄŃ 318mm ĄŃ 306.5mm
  • Power ĄG70W
  • WeightĄG30KG

 Label Counter Table
  • Suit for the roll materials jet and separating label roll
  • The maximum label roll diameterĄG 400mm
  • Taking label roll inside diameterĄG76mm
  • Rotating velocityĄG0~120m/min
  • MeasurementĄG1000mm (L) x 530mm(W) x 850mm(H)
  • PowerĄG370W
  • Power sourceĄGAC220V 50/60 HZ

 PCB Handling System
  • Automatically load & unload PCB
  • UPH: 720 PCB / Hour
  • Integrated with Ą§LINXĄ¨ 6800 Ink Jet Printer for high performance, high speed online barcode printing
  • PLC Control with Key switch for operator interface.
  • Annual adjustable pick up head for various PCB size